Clare Nolan

Clare Nolan


An experienced print, digital, and television journalist, Clare Nolan is known as a creator of award-winning projects and a media strategist. Since earning an M.B.A. in 2018, she now specializes in business writing and enjoys collaborating with experts on innovation, leadership, change management, digital transformation, technology, economics, finance, talent development, D.E.I., and the future of work.

Previously, Clare enjoyed a 25-year-long career as a documentary film journalist, writing and producing more than 65 films for prominent broadcasters including CBS News, Discovery, and National Geographic, where she was a staff writer and producer for many years. Traveling the globe to tackle topics ranging from architecture, history, and public policy to the wonders of the natural world, Clare worked with renowned scientists, astronauts, and veterans, and became known for her emotional storytelling. Her collaborators include Dr. Robert Ballard, the undersea explorer who found the wreck of the Titanic, the Apollo astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, William Anders, and Charlie Duke, the former Senator and the 2008 Republican nominee for President, John S. McCain, and the 1992 Vice Presidential candidate James Stockdale.

Clare is the co-author with artist Steve Maloney of the art book/memoir, Take Me Home Huey: Honoring American Heroes Through Art. Take Me Home Huey is the moving story of Maloney’s mission to honor Vietnam veterans by transforming a shattered medevac helicopter that was shot down on Valentine’s Day 1969, into a sculptural memorial to honor those who served. The book documents, through stunning photographs and Maloney’s narrative, how the artwork evolved from a wish to honor Vietnam service members into a touchstone for solace and connection among veterans, including some with PTSD.

Her international experience spans 25 countries including China and India.

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