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Member Spotlight: Douglas Glenn Clark

How did you land your first book ghostwriting project?

How did you land your first book ghostwriting project? After daily newspapers crashed in 2000, I wrote feature articles for businesses, which allowed me to interview their clients. One man lived near Chicago, where I planned to visit family. I asked if we could meet, then pitched him a simple book that explained his business to new clients. This meant his sales team did not have to answer the same old questions on the phone. Saved a lot of time.   What has been your secret to building a steady…

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Guest Blog Post: Why Write a Book to Build Your Brand?

By Mike Wicks Search for advice about sales, marketing, growing a business, or even installing new windows, and almost certainly, one of the hits on Google’s first page will be a book on the subject written by an expert. You might then check it out, peruse the reviews, read some sample pages, and possibly purchase…

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“Ghost Karma”: The Key To Creating Your Dream Ghostwriting Business

By Laura Elliott, your go-to ghost 👻 One night at sunset, after our outboard motor had failed, a good Samaritan named Tom towed our dinghy behind his. We were in the waning days of summer camp—our annual boating adventure on the Salish Sea. The sweet inland passage, home to the San Juan Islands on the…

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10 Tips for Interviewing Trauma Survivors for Their Memoirs

By Jennifer Upton Being a ghost writer of memoirs involves meeting with clients in person, getting to know them, and recording their histories. When I first started ghost writing memoirs, I naively thought most of my work would involve constructing family trees and describing nostalgic tales of yesteryear. I had no idea the vast majority…

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