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Member Spotlight: Josh Kelley

How did you land your first book ghostwriting project?

How did you land your first book ghostwriting project? When my first book came out (Radically Normal, a traditionally published Christian living book), I was nearly burned out after 14 years as a pastor. Taking the next logical step, I became a bartender and wrote a novel. Enter 2020 and the COVID pandemic. I’d never thought about ghostwriting, but my novel was finished, no one wanted to buy it, and the government was paying me not to work. Almost for my amusement, I did a small ghostwriting project for a self-publishing…

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Scribe Media on the Rocks

“Ghostwriting and publishing services firm Scribe Media abruptly shut down yesterday, laying off its staff,” reported Erin Somers today on Publisher’s Lunch, summarizing an apparent sudden change of fortune for the venture. Scribe’s approximate 100 employees were apparently notified by email Wednesday night that “Based on unforeseen business circumstances and faltering business based on unavailability…

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Ghostwriting Fiction—My Adventurous Process

By Elaine Ash I write a lot of fiction as a ghost—five novels in 2022 alone. Whether a client has a complete manuscript or just an idea, I always start with an outline. A novel outline can compare to the blueprint of a house. Both are easier to change than building the whole thing from…

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Guest Post: Do You Need a Ghostwriter or Developmental Editor?

By Brooke Turbyfill So you want to write a book. And you actually told someone? That’s a terrific decision. But what now? A pivotal next step is to determine why you want to write a book. “Wait! You don’t want me to share my ideas list with you?” Nope. “But what if I have nothing…

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