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Member Spotlight: Thomas Lee

How did you land your first book ghostwriting project?

How did you land your first book ghostwriting project? By accident really. I was a business columnist at the San Francisco Chronicle and had frequently quoted a former LinkedIn executive for my stories. We had lunch one day and he mentioned that he wanted to partner with me to write a book. And the rest was history.   What has been your secret to building a steady stream of ghostwriting clients? Really no secret. Like any freelance business, the key is referrals, which begets more referrals. The more you write,…

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What People Misunderstand About Ghostwriting

What People Misunderstand About Ghostwriting I’m listening to a money mindset program called Your Wish is Your Command, by Kevin Trudeau, at the recommendation of one of my business coaches, and I was surprised that within the first few minutes of the first CD in a 14-CD set, the topic of ghostwriters came up. Actually,…

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Scribe Media on the Rocks

“Ghostwriting and publishing services firm Scribe Media abruptly shut down yesterday, laying off its staff,” reported Erin Somers today on Publisher’s Lunch, summarizing an apparent sudden change of fortune for the venture. Scribe’s approximate 100 employees were apparently notified by email Wednesday night that “Based on unforeseen business circumstances and faltering business based on unavailability…

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Ghostwriting Fiction—My Adventurous Process

By Elaine Ash I write a lot of fiction as a ghost—five novels in 2022 alone. Whether a client has a complete manuscript or just an idea, I always start with an outline. A novel outline can compare to the blueprint of a house. Both are easier to change than building the whole thing from…

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