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Member Spotlight: Helen Wilkie

How did you land your first book ghostwriting project?

How did you land your first book ghostwriting project? Pure accident! I was a professional keynote speaker, and had written several books on communication at work, which was my speaking area of expertise. Professional speakers are expected to write books, but many struggle because, contrary to conventional wisdom, just because you can speak doesn’t mean you can write a book. A colleague approached me and asked if I would “help” her write her book, by which she meant interviewing her and then writing the book myself. I didn’t even know…

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Ghostwriting Fiction—My Adventurous Process

By Elaine Ash I write a lot of fiction as a ghost—five novels in 2022 alone. Whether a client has a complete manuscript or just an idea, I always start with an outline. A novel outline can compare to the blueprint of a house. Both are easier to change than building the whole thing from…

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Guest Post: Do You Need a Ghostwriter or Developmental Editor?

By Brooke Turbyfill So you want to write a book. And you actually told someone? That’s a terrific decision. But what now? A pivotal next step is to determine why you want to write a book. “Wait! You don’t want me to share my ideas list with you?” Nope. “But what if I have nothing…

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Find a Ghostwriter Without Getting Scammed

Ghostwriting agency scams are well-developed and capable of swindling almost anyone. The number of authors who have reached out to tell me they’ve been scammed by a fraudulent ghostwriting agency has increased exponentially in recent weeks. (Many get in touch after seeing this article I wrote on the topic.) In the last month, I’ve heard…

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