How one ghostwriter gets past overwhelm

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Sometimes when I am fortunate enough to have more work than I need, I get overwhelmed. Panic creeps in and immobilizes me momentarily. Client projects I should be working on come to a standstill as I wonder how in the world I can research and write and edit what needs to be created. It will get done, I tell myself, as my heart races. So tonight I did what every normal ghostwriter does when she feels overwhelmed – I organized my closet.

What? You don’t stop what you’re doing and organize some aspect of your life? Yes, I may be a bit unusual, but hear me out. This process may work for you, whether you temporarily have too much on your plate or are looking to fill your plate a little more.

I have noticed, and maybe you have too, that moving physical objects around in my office and home seems to generate positive energy. Maybe it’s simply the endorphins from the physical activity, I don’t know. But when I take steps to reorganize my bookshelves, clearing out books I’ve read or no longer need, good things happen. When I pull together items in our house that our family no longer needs and I donate them, good things happen. In fact, the more stuff I clear out of my space, the more I seem to physically and mentally make space for good things to come. Frequently, that good comes in the form of clarity and self-confidence and, quite regularly, new projects.

It’s as if by getting rid of that chair in my office I really don’t use, I’ve made space for something better. That could be a more comfy chair, of course, or it could be a new client, or a new business opportunity.

So tonight I cleared out three bags of items from a closet that I will both donate and discard, depending on the condition of the cast-offs. The closet is so much neater now. I made space for everything that is left, and for new items I’ll acquire.

I also reduced my blood pressure and feel more in control of my surroundings and my workload. Yes, cleaning out closets is good for ghostwriters.

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Marcia Layton Turner

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