Ghostwriting is Not Article Spinning

Have you seen job postings for large quantities of articles – maybe 50 or 100 at a time? And have you wondered how someone could write so many variations on the same topic? Well, they generally don’t. Which also helps explain the paltry fees offered.

Increasingly, clients are asking that writers craft a single article and then “spin” it using software, such as spinchimp or thebestspinner. Article spinning involves finding synonyms and alternate keywords to use in place of the original terms featured in the article. The goal is to generate many versions of the original article that websites will view as original content. That’s the goal.

However, article spinning software doesn’t always churn out articles that make sense. While you can get a sense of what the original article may have been about, the tenth or twentieth or fiftieth iteration can sound like gobbledygook. Like this: It kinda sorta makes sense. But not really.

Although Google may like the fact that this website has a steady stream of new content, it’s likely that web visitors don’t appreciate having to view useless material like this. Surprisingly, the order in which words are strung together really does matter. And humans are much better at doing this than software programs.

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Marcia Layton Turner

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