Demand for ghostbloggers is rising among physicians

Time-starved doctors need ghostwriters.


When you picture a doctor hard at work, you probably visualize him or her meeting with patients an an exam room, or in an operating room, or looking at x-rays, right? You picture them doing what they’re good at, which is evaluating medical cases and prescribing treatments. That’s what they were trained to do.

While many doctors communicate with patients during an in-office appointment or by phone, more and more are realizing that communicating online is another good way to share helpful information that could be of use to their patients. Many are now blogging, either on their own personal blog or through a practice or hospital blog. Others would like to. But finding the time has become their biggest obstacle.

A recent article in American Medical News describes the challenge doctors face regarding blogging. The solution that some have turned to is ghostbloggers – ghostwriters who work closely with them to adopt their tone and voice and who can convey useful medical information to their patients, or to the world at large.

Given the growing popularity of blogging and physicians’ long work day, this could be the perfect opportunity for ghostwriters who have a medical background to pursue. PR firms that represent hospitals or medical practices sound like a smart place to start, according to the article, since that is where many doctors begin their search for a ghostblogger.


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Marcia Layton Turner

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