Susan Joy Paul

Susan Joy Paul


“So, what’s your book about?”

I love asking this question. It opens the door to stories I’ve never heard, topics I’ve never studied, and places I’ve never seen. Every author I work with comes with a lifetime of experiences. Interviewing them gives me new insights and perspectives on the world. The experience makes my own life bigger. Kind of like reading a wonderful new book!

I’m Susan Joy Paul, author, book coach, and ghostwriter. I’ve written or ghostwritten more than fifty nonfiction how-to books, memoirs, and outdoor adventure guides. With an MBA, a former career in business, marketing, and technology, and thirteen years of book-writing experience, I specialize in ghostwriting prescriptive nonfiction manuscripts.

But that’s not all. As an outdoor adventure enthusiast, I also enjoy working with authors interested in writing how-to outdoor recreation guides and adventure memoirs. I’ve climbed over 700 mountains, hiked to over 100 lakes and 150 waterfalls, and soaked in over 50 hot springs. My guidebooks include Touring Colorado Hot Springs, Hiking Waterfalls Colorado, Climbing Colorado’s Mountains, Best Lake Hikes Colorado, Hiking Garden of the Gods, and Trails to the Top. I also wrote the how-to book Woman in the Wild: The Everywoman’s Guide to Hiking, Climbing, and Backcountry Travel. I take people to beautiful places safely, independently, and without getting lost. Most importantly, I make the journeys fun.

I take the same approach in my book coaching and ghostwriting. Depending on how much support you need, I tailor my services to make the experience an adventure that’s inspirational, educational, and mostly, fun.

So, what’s your book about? Are you ready to write it, and you just need a guide? Or do you need a ghostwriter to capture your knowledge, thoughts, and opinions, and arrange them on the page in a way that instructs, enlightens, and entertains readers?

Wherever you are on your book journey, I can help. Schedule a free thirty-minute call to tell me about your book. Then, let’s start your adventure.

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