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Is ghostwriting deceptive?

According to a tweet today from Pastor Rick Warren, “Using a “ghost writer” is PRETENDING to be an Author & claiming credit for another’s work. It’s deceptive & dishonest.” Oh, really? I humbly disagree. A ghostwriter is not someone who comes up with an idea for a book and sells that idea to someone else… Read More »

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BusinessGhost on Shark Tank

Ghostwriting and the TV show “Shark Tank” are two things I wouldn’t normally think go together, but last week I discovered that they do. Shark Tank is one of my new favorite shows (I love hearing about the interesting inventions and business ideas people have), so imagine my surprise when last week the investors on… Read More »

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Ghostwriters now have a professional association to call their own!

The Association of Ghostwriters is the leading professional organization for ghostwriters of books, articles, speeches, blogs and social media content. Members are experienced and aspiring ghostwriters dedicated to providing high-quality content to their clients, who are executives, organizations, professors, national speakers and other subject-matter experts. The purpose of the Association of Ghostwriters is to help… Read More »

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