Is BiblioCrunch a new source of ghostwriting leads?

Is BiblioCrunch a new source of ghostwriting leads?

Even with demand for ghostwriters on the rise, new sources of ghostwriting projects are always welcome. One such source, which ghostwriters should certainly check out, is BiblioCrunch.

My first contact with BiblioCrunch was a couple of weeks ago, when ASJA posted a ghostwriting job lead and listed Miral Sattar of BiblioCrunch as the contact. Intrigued, I went to the site and registered (it’s free). Since then, I’ve seen a couple more projects listed on BiblioCrunch. It seems like the pace of projects may be picking up there, so I recommend that we all pay a little more attention to BiblioCrunch and the projects that may be originating.

Have you ever used BiblioCrunch or landed a project through the site?

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Marcia Layton Turner

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