Bobby Crace

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Over the past fifteen years, Bobby Crace has worked on projects that range from commercial and literary fiction to narrative and prescriptive nonfiction. His fiction solidified while studying under best-selling authors Paul Harding, Brit Bennett, and Amy Hempel. He teaches undergrad where he learned his greatest skill as a ghostwriter and editor: how to guide a person to their best work without appropriating their story to his vision. You can find links to his published fiction on his website

Bobby’s most notable work of prescriptive nonfiction work renders leadership principles from the behavioral study of values. His works in this area include Authentic Excellence: Flourishing & Resilience in a Relentless World published in 2019 by Routledge Taylor & Francis Group and Authentic Excellence for Organizations published in 2023.

Creative Nonfiction is another form Bobby Crace teaches and writes. You can find his more experimental CNF in literary journals like Mayday Magazine and Moonlighting by Lit Pub while his narrative nonfiction centers around members of the service industry, sports arena, and this past election cycle, policy platforms for several political candidates.

Understanding a person’s Why is key. Why is a person motivated to do what they do? Why of all the stories in the world do readers need to know this story? Once Bobby knows the Why, he can dive into that person’s voice and translate their meaning into story.

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