5 Websites Where You Can Find Paying Writing Assignments Today

5 Websites Where You Can Find Paying Writing Assignments Today

When you need to harvest some work asap. Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com from Pexels

Building a steady stream of writing work can take weeks or months of effort. It’s like planting seeds in the spring that you hope will bear fruit a few weeks or months later.

From creating social media profiles to registering on content marketing platforms, designing a professional website, attending networking events, and reaching out to potential clients, there are a lot of things you can do to try and drum up some work. These are all useful marketing tactics, but they do generally take time to bear fruit. You can’t always harvest them immediately.

However, if you don’t have time and need to make a mortgage or credit card payment asap, there are some websites that can help you generate some quick cash through your writing. Here are five well-established places to find work today:

1. Fiverr. Yes, Fiverr is best known as a place to find graphic designers, tech help, or illustrators, among many types of freelancers, who can take care of quick tasks. But it’s also a place where you can sell your writing services. Think about what services you can package for $5 (as the Fiverr name suggests), $10, or $20.

Maybe you can generate a list of 25 blog post ideas for $25, or do some keyword research. Or maybe you can edit up to 100 words for $5, or proofread a résumé for $10. Slice and dice your services down to quick, low-cost tasks and then add them to your profile on Fiverr. Then be sure and announce your services far and wide, so that your colleagues know you’re available to assist them.

2. Upwork. Not known necessarily for high dollar projects, Upwork does, nonetheless, have a robust list of writing projects posted by needy clients. Today, for example, writers can apply to write corporate bios, draft a company profile for a local magazine, or write a review of car seats. There is no cost to set up a free account.

The variety is huge, as are the stated budgets. But if cash-in-hand is your motivator, Upwork is a good place to start. Today.

3. Guru. Like Upwork, Guru is a database of projects posted by its clients, who describe the task and the associated budget. Apply for any gigs that are of interest and for which you have the expertise. Today you’ll find requests for bloggers to write on an ongoing basis about pets, for a writer to craft an ebook about changing habits, and another to rewrite an organization’s website.

Budgets are all over the board, but the work is certainly there.

4. nDash. Content creation platform nDash does require writers to apply for a free account. Writers with the requisite experience are then given access to projects posted by brands and companies as well as the capability to pitch its clients ideas.

The variety of tasks on nDash are more directed at a business audience, so you’ll see mainly whitepapers, articles, and blog posts requested, at rates that are generally higher than other platforms. Applying is free and can potentially provide access to paying gigs.

5. ProBlogger Jobs Board. The ProBlogger Jobs Board contains a mix of freelance, contract, and full-time opportunities for blog post writers, much like Upwork and Guru. The difference is the ProBlogger client base tends to be more blog-focused and tech savvy. Although the number of projects posted may be somewhat lower, it’s a great platform for writers who love to write blog posts.

In addition to these job boards and platforms, don’t neglect other sites like Craigslist, which has a category for writing jobs, any association or writing group job boards, and sites like JournalismJobs or MediaBistro.

There is work out there, the challenge is simply finding it and applying quickly, so you’ll be at the top of the organization’s list of candidates.

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