Samantha Shubert

Samantha Shubert


I’m Samantha, a ghostwriter, editor, and writing coach. My publishing career spans 35+ years—starting with an English degree from Cornell followed by extensive work in books, magazines, trade publications, and newspapers. The culmination of all that experience was discovering my true calling: helping people tell life stories: memoirs, biographies, and family histories.


When choosing a ghostwriter, you should find a seasoned professional who makes you feel comfortable, who understands you and your values, and who offers undivided attention, respect, and discretion. In short, choose someone you’ll want to work with over the long term.


Here’s some praise from my recent clients:

  • “Samantha, you’ve been a hell of an editor, and your comments and suggestions always made it better.” (Mike B., family history author)
  • “This collaboration with you has been so rich and helpful and fun. I can’t thank you enough!” (Meg S., award-winning memoirist)
  • “I am so grateful for your work, because it’s making my memoir more compelling and teaching me to be a better writer!” (Liz K., memoirist)
  • “What you have given my grandmother is priceless. Thank you—this book has made me laugh and cry. The fact that you turned a bunch of interviews into a cohesive story is beyond impressive.” (Jake K.)
  • “You got me and my story right from the beginning. It’s been easy, fun, and illuminating to work with you.” (Nina G., memoirist)
  • “Samantha balanced masterful storytelling with editorial excellence. Her guidance was expert, creative, respectful—and always diplomatic! She challenged me to express my ideas clearly, often finding elegant solutions to knotty problems.” (Susan S., nonfiction author)


I’m an award-winning published author, so I know firsthand that a strong editorial partnership will help realize your vision. Let me show you how a sensitive, savvy ghostwriter can channel your unique voice and move your project forward. Please be in touch to start the conversation. Location: New York, NY Specialties: Memoir, biography, family history Years of Experience: 30+ Memberships:

  • Biographers Guild of Greater New York
  • Association of Ghostwriters
  • Editorial Freelancers Association

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