Denise Willson, Beop Inc. Editorial Services

Denise Willson, Beop Inc. Editorial Services

Bio Denise Willson, Ghostwriter, Professional Editor, and Award-Winning Author BEOP Inc Editorial Services (Both Ends Of Pencil)

We’re a great match if . . .
  • You’re passionate about writing and/or your subject matter
  • You’re open to learning more about the craft
  • You want your manuscript or written work to be the best it can be
  • You prefer to work with a professional, an expert who knows the industry
  • You know an experienced author will understand what writing means to you
  • You’re looking for a long-term relationship with a ghostwriter and editor
About me . . . As a professional ghostwriter, editor, and award-winning author with over twenty years of experience, I have ghostwritten, authored, and edited hundreds of manuscripts, along with websites, marketing copy, blogs, magazine features, and business reports. I work with publishers and authors, have over two decades of education on the craft of writing and editing, and hold a marketing degree. In addition to ghostwriting from scratch, I specialize in manuscript evaluations (developmental editing in report form), traditional developmental editing (within the manuscript), copy editing, and the proofreading of fiction and nonfiction manuscripts. As an award-winning author, I understand the written word is paramount. I am the award-winning author of three novels, A Keeper’s TruthGOT (Gift of Travel), and No Apology For Being, and a feature writer and editor for several magazines, including Our Homes Magazine. I coach authors from a place of experience. Both myself and BEOP Inc are registered with the Editorial Freelancers Association (US), ACES (UK), Editors Canada (Canada), NAIWA (US), and the Association of Ghostwriters (US). Info, including clear rates and specialized skills, can be found on my editorial website, You can also find me online via writer’s forums or my author’s website, Let’s work together . . . If you dream of writing a quality book, something you’re proud of, but know you need help, I’m your gal. Whether you’re a pro with several publications under your belt or a newbie getting started, I’ll guide you through the writing and editorial processes to make your work shine. My editorial superpowers include . . .
  • Ghostwriting
  • Manuscript Evaluations
  • Developmental Editing
  • Copy Editing / Line Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Hybrid Edits
  • Author Coaching
My clients rock . . .  “Denise is a creative wordsmith. Her thoughtful interviews and beautifully written feature stories capture the attention of our readers. Denise is always ready for a new writing adventure and she never misses a deadline.”  Georgette McCulloch, Editor In Chief – OUR HOMES Media Group “With just one read-through of my manuscript, Dee was able to tell me things about my novel that even I didn’t know. She noticed all of the issues with my story and characters that I missed, and she pointed them out to me in a way that made me understand why I miss them. After working with Dee, I knew that I had found not merely a skilled and dedicated editor, but the right editor, and more importantly, a true literary ally. Dee has an excellent eye for a story’s big picture. Her insights in this regard drove me to better focus on my story’s message and my main character’s motivations. These are critical details that an author can lose sight of while plowing through the literary trenches. Even after spending years toiling to perfect my manuscript, agonizing over every word, rewriting every syllable until my fingertips were numb and my eyes were strained to the point of fatigue, Dee still found a way to make me want to agonize over it all the more. This, I believe, is what an aspiring novelist should look for in an editor; a fellow disciple of the craft who knows how to make an obsessed writer want to turn up the dial on his obsession. Thanks to Dee, my dial now goes to eleven.”  Nick Romanoff, Author of The God Complex “Denise was thorough and detailed in proofreading my typeset novel. She provided great communication throughout the process, and she is ever-patient with my writerly foibles and doubts, even when those affect our scheduled dates. She’s a wonderful asset to my writing team.” Talena Winters, author of The Undine’s Tear, Finding Heaven, and The Friday Night Date Dress “Denise was able to guide me during each stage of the editing process, her attention to detail allowed me to completely trust her. She made the editing process such a joy and I would love to work with her again!”   Janessa Adams, author of Bloom “Denise has been absolutely delightful to work with through the manuscript evaluation process. Her thorough yet concise feedback was so helpful to delve through my manuscript and identify spots that needed adjustments and she included specific steps to address those weak areas. She was gracious enough to speak with me on the phone to walk through certain aspects as well. Her expertise and support has been so helpful! I would recommend Denise’s services to my fellow writers and I will certainly look to Denise for her help for my next manuscript evaluation and editing needs!”   Sherry Norton, author of Midnight Streets and Baptism By Fire “Thank you, Denise, for your time, talent, and expertise. You brought much to this publishing project I began years ago. It’s your ability to write with such imagery that’s bringing my book to its conclusion. Thank you for all your hard work.”   Robert Hunt, author of Why Me?  “I have hired several different independent editors and Denise is clearly superior to all of them. Her deeper insights, recommendations, evaluations, and knowledge in all facets of writing and publishing have been critical to advancing my goals as a writer. Not only do I have a professional working directly on my manuscripts, I feel I have a friend that is invested in seeing me succeed as a writer.”   Robert Norton, author of Curse Of The Titans and The Last Subscription “Denise is a world-class editor. I am confident that any writer hiring her will be well served. She brought a level of passion and precision to my project that exceeded all expectations. Her ability to balance style considerations with technical polish was inspiring, and everything she suggested was in the spirit of working as a team to ensure the work was the best it could be. I am much happier with my book as a result of Denise’s help, and recommend her without hesitation.”  Mark H Fitzpatrick, Author of Made Of Stars “Denise produces exceptional work. Not only is she amazingly talented but her commitment to the work exudes the moment you speak with her. Denise came highly recommended by my publisher for my developmental and copy editing needs. Being I was a first-time author, it was the utmost importance I hired an editor who would see the gems among the mess and point out areas I could improve. I not only trusted Denise with keeping the integrity of my message, but she met all our deadlines, and her attention to detail was outstanding. Denise’s guidance, patience, and natural editing skills were instrumental in making my book what it is today. Without a doubt, I will be hiring Denise for my next book, and I suggest any author looking for an exceptional editor call Denise.”   Michelle Pena, Author of The B.E.A.U.T.Y Within “Denise is a dedicated editor who is committed to her profession. Throughout all of our projects together, she has been able to take on anything that has come across her desk. Denise can communicate to an author what is needed with their manuscripts and deliver a professional finished product. She is a value and if you are looking for someone that can work with you to get you to a finished manuscript, then look no further.”  Chrissy Hobbs, Owner of Indie Publishing Group Let’s make magic . . .

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