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2                              8                              7/40

Amazon Bestsellers             26,000-60k-Word Books                    Self-Published        

(No, it’s not NY Times,                            One full-length novel and                               Seven self-published,   

          but my authors and I                             one full RE Investing book                      40 book projects altogether!     

         are very proud. No Key                         Quick-read business, mindset                         Novels, shorter books,            

word stuffing. No random                         self-help, marketing, and                                  PDF freebies and        

    categories.)                                                teen mindset.                                              product add-ons.



Plus, scripts, speeches, lesson plans…


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And a few creds:

  1. ESSAY: “Sound the Rebel Yell: Stopping the Big Take in Jason Reynolds’ ‘The African-American Special’” used by Dr. Janet Sylvester, Harvard Extension Professor as an example of an excellent essay (yeah, I know ).
  2. Entering the Harvard Extension Creative Writing Program.
  3. Written and produced a full-length thriller play with solid “loved it” or “hated it” reviews (the topic was provocative).
  4. 8 Years’ experience working with 40 authors to pen their stories…from quick freebies to full-length novels and business books…and everything in between. I’ve also worked with dozens more editing, critiquing, and helping to develop their books.


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