Peggy Holsclaw

Peggy Holsclaw


I’m a California-based ghostwriter and book coach with over 15 years of professional writing experience. My company, Bonafide Ink, serves collaborative non-fiction authors writing books for the benefit of humanity. I’m here to help inspired change-makers save the world through their words.

My areas of specialty include pop psychology, spirituality, personal development, culture, women’s issues, and sex & relationships. I also have experience writing in the genres of business, memoir, leadership, marketing, and health & nutrition. If you’re an author in search of a ghostwriter, I welcome you to reach out regardless of your future book’s genre. If I can’t help you write it, I can almost certainly refer you to a qualified professional who can.

I’m an active member of the Association of Ghostwriters, the Independent Book Publisher’s Association (IBPA), the Media Alchemy Guild, and the Rising Authors community. My knowledge of the publishing industry is expanding all the time and I make continual efforts to stay tapped into its shifting trends. I offer free 30-minute discovery calls and invite you to learn more at my website,

Be well and spread your magic.

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