Naomi Nakashima

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Hi! I'm Naomi.

If you're anything like me, then you know you can't trust just anyone to handle your story. You're looking for ghostwriting services that will result in—not just a good book—a book that deserves to build your legacy.

That's exactly what I can provide.

Since starting as a ghostwriter in 2002, I have worked with some of the nation's top thought-leaders, developed books that sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and catapulted their authors into the spotlight at the top of their field. To date, I have helped to write 60 books of varying lengths in different genres and countless articles and landing pages.

My 3 Promises:

I will never try to upsell you into paying for a service you don't need. Like many ghostwriters, I offer a myriad of services including writing, editing, revising, and coaching. If you come to me seeking advice, I will be honest and talk to you about which one would best suit your needs and accomplish your goals.

I will never lie to you about your writing or your publishing goals. I am not here to stroke your ego or to try to sell you on titles and bestselling status. You need a plan that works for your story, and that's what we will build together.

I won't abandon you once your book is written. You will always be able to reach me for questions, further planning, and free consultations about your next steps even after your book is complete.

Illinois, USA