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Ghostwriting Fiction—My Adventurous Process

By Elaine Ash I write a lot of fiction as a ghost—five novels in 2022 alone. Whether a client has a complete manuscript or just an idea, I always start with an outline. A novel outline can compare to the blueprint of a house. Both are easier to change than building the whole thing from…

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Guest Post: Do You Need a Ghostwriter or Developmental Editor?

By Brooke Turbyfill So you want to write a book. And you actually told someone? That’s a terrific decision. But what now? A pivotal next step is to determine why you want to write a book. “Wait! You don’t want me to share my ideas list with you?” Nope. “But what if I have nothing…

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10 Tips for Interviewing Trauma Survivors for Their Memoirs

By Jennifer Upton Being a ghost writer of memoirs involves meeting with clients in person, getting to know them, and recording their histories. When I first started ghost writing memoirs, I naively thought most of my work would involve constructing family trees and describing nostalgic tales of yesteryear. I had no idea the vast majority…

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The Write Tools for the Job

Guest blog post by Josh Kelley Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an office of my own? I thought as I unpacked a computer, charger, headphones, and mouse for the thousandth time at “my” table in the back of an extremely understanding coffee shop. The very idea felt extravagant—no way I’d waste money on something…

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Guest blog post: How I Raised my Ghostwriting Fee from $7,500 to Over $100,000 per Book

By Robert Bruce Woodcox When I started ghostwriting 27 years ago after selling my advertising agency of 25 years, I remember how nervous I was negotiating my fee with a first “potential” client. I had only written one book, so I had what I called, “light credentials,” and a very thin resume (with the exception…

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Ghostwriting Best Practices – Guest Blog Post

Guest Blog Post: Ghostwriting Best Practices Let’s talk about being a specialist, how to write a bullet proof contract and how to always get paid in advance. By Robert Bruce Woodcox Building on Marcia’s recent column about specializing, I thought I’d add my two cents worth and expand in to two other topics and see…

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Guest Blog Post: Is LinkedIn ProFinder Worth the Expense?

Guest Blog Post: Is LinkedIn ProFinder Worth the Expense? It’s official, fellow ghostwriters…our profession has been absorbed into the gig economy. That means we’re not just service providers, we’re also a market niche waiting to be tapped. And more than any other product, they want to sell us access to our own source of income.…

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Revision Hell: A case study for disaster

Richard Lowe, Jr. is a bestselling author who has published 63 books, ghostwritten 12 books, and produced several hundred articles for blogs and publications. He is the owner and senior writer of The Writing King, which provides services such as ghostwriting, book coaching, WordPress implementation, blogging and copywriting. Richard is also a senior LinkedIn branding specialist…

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