5 Tools Every Ghostwriter Needs

  To be a successful ghostwriter, you need to have strong writing skills. That’s a given. But just as important as your ability to string words together in a pleasing manner is your ability to organize and manage all the information needed for your client projects. You can’t be a top notch ghostwriter if you…

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Guest Post: Public Speaking – Why Some of Us Love It

Thanks to Rich Mintzer for todays guest blog post. According to a Gallup poll, 40% of people are afraid of public speaking, or have glossophobia, as it’s called. I’m sure you’ll also find a large percentage of people who aren’t afraid, but simply don’t feel confident in their speaking abilities. Then there are those of us…

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Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

Why Hire a Ghostwriter? When I chat with a prospective ghostwriting client, the conversation inevitably circles back to one essential question:   Why should someone hire a ghostwriter? This article is designed to address many issues that go into answering that question. It may also help you to better understand just what a ghostwriter’s job…

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Ghostwriting is Not Article Spinning

Have you seen job postings for large quantities of articles – maybe 50 or 100 at a time? And have you wondered how someone could write so many variations on the same topic? Well, they generally don’t. Which also helps explain the paltry fees offered. Increasingly, clients are asking that writers craft a single article…

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Is ghostwriting deceptive?

According to a tweet today from Pastor Rick Warren, “Using a “ghost writer” is PRETENDING to be an Author & claiming credit for another’s work. It’s deceptive & dishonest.” Oh, really? I humbly disagree. A ghostwriter is not someone who comes up with an idea for a book and sells that idea to someone else…

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BusinessGhost on Shark Tank

Ghostwriting and the TV show “Shark Tank” are two things I wouldn’t normally think go together, but last week I discovered that they do. Shark Tank is one of my new favorite shows (I love hearing about the interesting inventions and business ideas people have), so imagine my surprise when last week the investors on…

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