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Member Spotlight: Jeffrey Mangus

How did you land your first book ghostwriting project?

How did you land your first book ghostwriting project? After I lost my left leg below the knee and surviving sepsis in 2017, I wrote my first book about the experience. Afterward, a friend approached me about ghostwriting his book, and I wrote a book proposal. We sold the book to Harper Collins, and my career began as a ghostwriter.   What has been your secret to building a steady stream of ghostwriting clients? My secret is referrals from past clients and authors, along with steady relationship building on LinkedIn and other social media outlets….

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Authors: How to Easily Find a Ghostwriter Online

One of the most-searched questions within Google regarding ghostwriters is how to find one. Many aspiring authors would like some writing support and don’t know where to turn. Being cautious about where you’re looking and how you’re qualifying potential ghostwriters is smart. There are many scam websites out there and it’s easy to get taken…

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What Kind of Ghostwriter Do You Want to Help Write Your Book?  

Behind-the-scenes ghostwriters play a different role than writing collaborators or partners do. We’re hearing the term “ghostwriter” and “ghostwriting” much more frequently these days, as everyone from industry experts to leaders to celebrities are freely acknowledging that they did, in fact, hire a ghostwriter to assist in producing their book. And why shouldn’t they?! Ghostwriters…

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How Ghostwriters Provide Writing Samples

Because many ghostwriting clients demand that their ghostwriter sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to preclude them from sharing any work they’ve done, how can ghostwriters demonstrate their skill and experience? What can ghostwriters show prospects when asked for writing samples without violating their NDA? It’s a good question and, fortunately, there are some ways to…

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