Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

Why Hire a Ghostwriter? When I chat with a prospective ghostwriting client, the conversation inevitably circles back to one essential question:   Why should someone hire a ghostwriter? This article is designed to address many issues that go into answering that question. It may also help you to better understand just what a ghostwriter’s job… Read More »

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teresa giudice

RadarOnline Reports Real Housewife of New Jersey Star Uses Ghostwriter

Ok, so which one of us has been ghostwriting Teresa Giudice’s blog and books? Come on, fess up. (I sure hope it is an AOG member!) No one should be shocked that Giudice may have had help with her blog – most celebrities simply don’t have time to sit down regularly and personally pen blog… Read More »

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Ghostwriters: For blog ideas, and laughs, turn to Portent

I enjoy writing – I really do – but the pressure of coming up with topics I think will be useful to fellow ghostwriters and freelance writers can add to my stress. So when I lamented my lack of 30 days of blog posts for the Freelance Success/WordCount Blogathon, my colleague Stephanie Schwab of Crackerjack… Read More »

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Why time is more valuable than money

  When ghostwriters are asked to quote a fee to write or edit a client’s project, the assumption is that there is pure multiplication going on: your hourly rate times the amount of time you anticipate the work will take equals the cost of the project. The process seems simple, doesn’t it? Very straightforward. And… Read More »

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Who is your role model?

With two teenage children, I find myself thinking frequently about who they’re hanging out with and looking up to. Who are their role models? Who are their heroes? Today I caught myself thinking about this and it occurred to me that I worry more about my kids’ role models than about my own. That needs… Read More »

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Ghostwriters: Can card sorting help you organize a large project?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net Most of you know that in addition to overseeing the Association of Ghostwriters, I also run my own ghostwriting and freelance writing business. My business name is Layton & Co., Inc., and although I’ve billed through my corporation for decades, I’m just now setting up an online presence for it.… Read More »

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Ghostwriters: What are your clients’ odds of getting published?

  I was just having this discussion with a friend the other day, wondering where people ever got the impression that attracting a traditional publisher is easy. It’s never been easy to convince the likes of Random House, McGraw-Hill, John Wiley & Sons, or Simon & Schuster, to name a few, to publish a particular… Read More »

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Are crowdfunded books good prospects?

Crowdfunding projects are all the rage right now, helping to finance initiatives ranging from shoes you assemble yourself to a debut record to a foraging kitchen to books of all genres and sizes. Some campaigns are started to support people who have experienced a loss, such as a building destroyed, or an Alaskan airplane that… Read More »

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Blog Hop

Baton Blog Hop for Writers When the esteemed Jennifer Lawler asks if you want to be in a blog hop with her, you, of course, say yes immediately. Lawler is the author of Dojo Wisdom for Writers, whom I had the pleasure of hearing speak years ago at Writers and Editors One-on-One in Chicago. The… Read More »

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Take a survey, earn a chance at a $25 Amazon gift card

To better understand what ghostwriters want and need to know more about, I’ve developed a quick survey that I hope you will consider taking. It’s four questions long and should take about one  minute to complete. My goal is to generate some new ideas for teleseminars and other resources for you. Everyone who responds –… Read More »

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Ghostwriters: Five Easy Ways to Lose a Client

Ghostwriters: Five Easy Ways to Lose a Client For many of us, winning new clients is the fun part. It’s the high point after expressing interest, providing a résumé or bio, sending writing samples, being interviewed, offering a quote, and following up ad infinitum. Finally, victory! You’ve landed a new ghostwriting gig. The hard part comes… Read More »

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