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10 Tips for Interviewing Trauma Survivors for Their Memoirs

By Jennifer Upton Being a ghost writer of memoirs involves meeting with clients in person, getting to know them, and recording their histories. When I first started ghost writing memoirs, I naively thought most of my work would involve constructing family trees and describing nostalgic tales of yesteryear. I had no idea the vast majority…

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The Write Tools for the Job

Guest blog post by Josh Kelley Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an office of my own? I thought as I unpacked a computer, charger, headphones, and mouse for the thousandth time at “my” table in the back of an extremely understanding coffee shop. The very idea felt extravagant—no way I’d waste money on something…

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What Happens When you Work with a Ghostwriter

Guest blog post by Ginny Carter You have a book that begs to be written, but there’s a problem. You don’t have the time, and if you’re honest, you aren’t sure where to start. So, you decide to hire a ghostwriter. That’s a great first step, because you’re acknowledging that you could do with some…

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3 Things the Hallmark Movie Channel Got Wrong About Ghostwriting

3 Things the Hallmark Movie Channel Got Wrong About Ghostwriting   Hallmark holiday movies are sappy and formulaic, and we love them anyway. On Sunday, November 10, 2019 Hallmark premiered a new addition to the Hallmark Christmas movie line-up, titled “The Mistletoe Secret.” (If you don’t want any spoilers, you may want to stop reading…

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5 Websites Where You Can Find Paying Writing Assignments Today

5 Websites Where You Can Find Paying Writing Assignments Today Building a steady stream of writing work can take weeks or months of effort. It’s like planting seeds in the spring that you hope will bear fruit a few weeks or months later. From creating social media profiles to registering on content marketing platforms, designing…

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How Ghostwriters Can Gracefully Exit a Project

How Ghostwriters Can Gracefully Exit a Project You do your best to vet or investigate potential ghostwriting clients up front. That might include Googling them, checking their LinkedIn profile, reading articles about the organization they work for, scanning their blog posts, and interviewing them, trying to get a sense of how easy they will be…

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Demand for ghostbloggers is rising among physicians

  When you picture a doctor hard at work, you probably visualize him or her meeting with patients an an exam room, or in an operating room, or looking at x-rays, right? You picture them doing what they’re good at, which is evaluating medical cases and prescribing treatments. That’s what they were trained to do.…

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