When you don’t have the time or expertise to write your novel or non-fiction book, it will be my honor to write it for you! I’ll work closely with you to bring your ideas to the printed page. Your book will be written based on your input and in your voice, and you will retain full copyright. The book will be sold or offered under your name alone. As your ghostwriter, my only goal is to help you bring your vision and your voice to your readers.

I’ve Got Your Genre Covered!

In over fifteen years of service as Thomas Hauck Book Development, LLC, I’ve had the pleasure to ghostwrite and edit books in many genres including: Self-help – Offer the world a solution to a personal problem! Health, spirituality, nutrition – from 30,000 words to 60,000 or more, I’ll deliver your message and change the lives of your readers. Business – I serve global CEOs, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporate leaders. If you want to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, the best way is to publish a book with your name on the cover. You’ll open the door to speaking engagements, TV, radio, YouTube, social media, press reviews, and more. Memoirs – Either your own experience or that of a family member. Tell the story of a life well lived or create an inspiring message for others. With today’s video interview technology, it’s easier than ever to work with your ghostwriter. Novels – I’ve written many published novels for my clients. They include thrillers, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and historical fiction. You can give me just a title and a concept, or a full outline – it’s your choice. Business Fiction – This is a growing genre! The best way to teach a lesson is by telling a story, and I’ve written best-selling business books featuring human protagonists as well as lions, bees, dogs, and cats. Public Policy – You may have an important message to deliver to policymakers and voters. My global clients are involved in economics, artificial intelligence, government services, the environment, healthcare, human rights, taxation, international affairs, democracy, and more. Let me help you the same way I’ve helped them to shape public discourse on important subjects. Real Estate – I’ve written dozens of books about real estate investing, including commercial real estate, house flipping, rehabs, deal negotiation, mortgages and financing, the economics of apartment building ownership, and much more.

How Many Books Have I Ghostwritten?

To be honest, I’ve lost count. I would estimate I’ve ghostwritten, from scratch, about five full-length books per year, for a total of seventy-five to date. I’ve edited or developed another 200 or so, in nearly every genre. Call it what you want – it’s my job to make your Word document manuscript ready to publish. Period.

Help With Publishers and Literary Agents

For my non-fiction clients, I’ve helped secure deals with New York literary agents and Big Five publishers, and have guided many authors through the publishing process. I work directly with editors at major publishing houses including McGraw-Hill, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Hachette, Wiley, and more. If you have a publisher or agent, I will help you work with them to deliver a manuscript that will convince them your book will be a best seller – and that you are an amazing author to have on their roster!

My Easy Ghostwriting System

Ghostwriting is always priced on a flat rate, per-word basis. I usually write and deliver in milestones of 5,000 words each. With Thomas Hauck Book Development, LLC, you always know in advance the price of each milestone. I sign no contracts; it’s always “pay as you go,” which gives you full control over the process. I do not get involved with graphics or cover art; writing is a highly specialized occupation, and like most good writers, I focus like a laser on the writing.

My Biography

I’m a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, and I earned my B.A. in History of Art at Tufts University, graduating magna cum laude, followed by my M.B.A. at Endicott College. After serving with leading Boston area cultural non-profits including the Rockport Chamber Music Festival and Montserrat College of Art, I became a full-time professional ghostwriter, editor, and book developer. I’m also the former editor of Renaissance Magazine, America’s leading national magazine devoted to the ren/medieval experience. I live and work in beautiful Gloucester, Massachusetts. In my work, I never use AI algorithms such as Chat GPT. I do not outsource any portion of your project. I write every word in your book. There’s no substitute for expert personal service.

Let’s Get Started!

Writing a book can seem like an intimidating process. Relax! It’s my job to make you comfortable and guide you on your journey, step by step. There are so many things to worry about in life – writing your book should be fun! 1. Let’s begin with your FREE, no-obligation Zoom or phone call. You’ll have the opportunity to meet me and tell me about your book idea. 2. If we hit it off, then the next step is to get your outline in order. The outline is very important, because it’s our road map for the journey ahead. 3. Then I start writing, usually in milestones of 5,000 words. You review and accept each milestone. We stick to the outline, and after a two or three months of steady work, your manuscript will be 100 percent complete and ready to format for publication. No excuses, no hidden fees!

I’m proud to be a member of the Association of Ghostwriters, and I look forward to serving you!

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