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Susan Sparks


Writing Memoir, Legacy, Inspiration, Testimony, and Biography

Not every ghostwriter is a memoir writer. A memoir ghostwriter is a sensitive, curious, empathetic, accepting writer skilled in listening for the real answers. A memoir ghostwriter is proficient and discerning when sifting through the details of your life experiences. A memoir ghostwriter gives you the space to be vulnerable, transparent, and honest without judgment. A memoir ghostwriter tells your story without the influence of their personal bias or background. Finally, a memoir ghostwriter is the standard-bearer for excellence in structure, content, and readability. Your story is your most precious and unique part of you. Trust it to a writer who will craft a memoir that honors you and your readers. That writer is me, Susan Sparks. In my years as a journalist, I listened to countless stories of people’s experiences and turned them into compelling pieces for newspapers and online. As a wedding photographer, I was often privy to raw emotions and quickly became a confidant. As a ghostwriter for the past 13+ years, I have worked with authors, each with fascinating and often difficult stories that resulted in heartfelt and accurate renderings of their lives. Your memoir is deeply personal. I understand that and will work with you with the utmost confidentiality. Together, we will decide what needs to be told and how to tell it in a way that will make you comfortable and proud of the finished product.

My Writing Background

Writing dovetailed with each new adventure and chapter of my life. From Midwestern farm girl to 20 years as a military spouse living around the world. Whether as a reporter and editor of a small-town newspaper, news director at a local radio station, public affairs for state government and the Navy or as a self-published author and full-time freelance writer, the common thread was me working at the keyboard. Today, my writing service focuses on the most precious of all stories – yours.  I’ve ghosted two dozen books on education, personal growth, health, business, and memoir and assisted countless authors with their personal essays for faith-based compilations. I’ve won journalism awards for feature articles, such as the Rescue at Sea (CHINFO Merit Award) and a bone marrow donor’s journey. I’ve contributed to newspapers and magazines, both print and online, including Navy Times and Huff Post. Quite a contrast, right? My years as a professional journalist and personal immersion in the storytelling craft means you get the best of my skills and abilities – asking deep questions and listening for your true answers. I believe everyone has a story inside them and most people are fearful or frustrated on how to get it out. Yet our collaborative efforts will be enjoyable and fruitful. Years of Experience 30 Specialties: Memoir, Prescriptive Memoir, Biography, Personal Essay, Developmental Editing, Compilation Editing and Management, Newsletter and Articles Location: Indiana Eastern Time Zone

Memberships: Association of Ghostwriters, AWAI, Christian Writer’s Institute

Awards: Naval Chief of Information (CHINFO) News Story Award, Living Now Book Award Silver Medalist (Jenkins Group), USA Best Book Award Parenting/Family: Organizers & Planners 2012 (USA Book News).

Certifications: AWAI Certified Copywriter, Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Professional T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies

Books Authored:  The Student Life Jacket, The Easy-to-Use Organizer and Guide to Staying Afloat in a Sea of Paperwork for Young Working Adults and College Students, and Letters From a Healing Heart, a Forgiveness Journal Contributing author to: Overcoming Mediocrity, Strong Women, and The Gift of Inspiration for Women 

Certifications: AWAI Certified Copywriter, Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Professional T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies

Books Ghostwritten: Over 24 including memoir, business how-to, alternative health, sales techniques, real estate, and brain-boosting techniques.

Newspapers: The Pacific Navigator, Great Lakes Bulletin,

Magazine:  Farm & Ranch Living, Military Wife, All-Hands, VOLUNTEER! and numerous custom publications.

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How does this process work?

If you are looking for a book in 30 days or less, I’m not your ghost. First, we determine your project’s goal, budget, timeline, and, most importantly, if we are a good fit. That starts with a conversation. Schedule a get acquainted call here:


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