Robert Bruce Woodcox

Robert Bruce Woodcox


After graduation from college, I started my own advertising agency which I owned for 25 years. When I sold that, I became a ghostwriter specializing in memoirs and business books. Now, 27 years later, I’ve ghostwritten 46 books, been an L.A. Times best seller and a Pulitzer Prize nominee for fiction in 2012. I also give workshops to writers and ghostwriters on the business of starting out as a ghost and/or enhancing your current business with unique marketing techniques. I also teach contracts, customer relations etc. My main website is: and my consulting site is: Location: Newport Beach, CA Specialties: Memoirs and life stories, business books. I also write novels and consult with other writers on how to obtain new business, customer relations, contracts, etc. Years of Experience: 27 Magazines: Writers Digest, New York Times Memberships: AOG ASJA, The Writer’s Guild Books: Too many to list but my bestseller was, The Golf Gods are Laughing. Some of my ghostwritten books are: MindField, Becoming, Chasing Rubi, Hope Heals, I Hate to Lose, Behind the Smoke Curtain, The Last Bus out of Shanghai, Life: The Manual, Emotionally Charged Learning, Reversal and The Prodigy, and 35 others. How can you can reach Robert:  email: Ph: 949-244-7880 (PST) Web: and, for ghostwriter’s business consulting.. Home site: P.S. For consulting by the hour on a variety of topics such as, how to raise your revenues, making sure you contract is bullet proof, finding new clients, client disputes, customer service, marketing yourself, how to be paid in advance for every stage of your work….and much much more. Call or email me at:  All Pacific time.


Phone 949-244-7880 (PST)

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