Stacia Deutsch

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Stacia Deutsch is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 350 children’s books. Her career started with the original, award winning, Blast to the Past series about four kids who time travel and meet famous people in history. Now, she writes mostly as a ghost or hire-writer in the children's book space.  Her body of work spans genres from adventure to fantasy to non-fiction and pages range from picture book to mid-grade. The first movie novelization she conquered was Batman: The Dark Knight and since then she has written many more movie and TV tie ins. Recent books include the Friendship Code for Girls Who Code/Penguin, seven novels for Spirit: Riding Free (Little Brown/Dreamworks), supernatural stories for Arcadia, and Ninjago short stories. As a ghost writer, Stacia has been behind Nancy Drew, Boxcar Children, and several celebrity picture books.

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