Ed Robertson

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NAMED one of the Top Ghostwriters in California by WritingTipOasis.com

RECOMMENDED by 30DayBooks.com in their article
Eight Memoir Ghostwriters Who Can Help You Find Your Voice

WHO I AM: I am a versatile, reliable, award-winning writer/editor with a proven track record for creating and delivering dynamic, marketable creative content for print, online, and broadcast media.

WHAT I DO: In the world of print media, I write books on behalf of individuals and companies that have stories to tell, but lack the time or ability to do so effectively by themselves. I also edit manuscripts that require polish before they can be published. In the world of broadcast media, I host and produce a full length weekly radio show that caters to listeners age 45 and up. I also produce and distribute other audio entertainment content for public consumption/listening on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other on-demand streaming platforms.

WHY IT WORKS: When you partner with me, you get a versatile, reliable and affordable professional with a proven track record for developing material into compelling, marketable content. I can capture your voice and tell your story in a way that reaches your audience.

WHO I WORK WITH: I partner with book and magazine publishers, literary agents, leading companies and executives, and individual authors from all walks of life. I am equally adept at capturing the voices of male and female authors. My published works as a writer/editor cover various genres, including memoirs, history, popular culture, narrative nonfiction, business/how-to, political commentary, and some fiction.

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: My experience in media gives me an understanding of marketing that not every author has. I help my clients tell the story they want to tell, in the way they want it told, while understanding what resonates with readers and publishers alike.


“Ed is a wonderful writer and really knows how to get to the subject’s core.”

~Maryann Rea, V.P. Development & Administration at MGB Productions

“Ed is a great writer. We worked on several projects while I was a producer at Columbia House. Ed was always a pleasure to deal with, and his copy was always spot-on. I highly recommend him.”

~Anthony Saggese, Jr., Listener Care Product Manager at Sirius XM Radio Inc.

“…Ed has good judgment in selecting popular topics that will find an audience and be profitable.”

~Mike Altman, Account Manager at Infogroup/City Directories

HOW IT WORKS: I usually start with a free evaluation of your project, gauging the task at hand and how to best achieve it. Click here to learn more about my background; click here for more information on fees.

READY TO TALK? Email me at ed@edrobertson.com

Phone Number
(626) 345-5435
Los Angeles / South Pasadena, CA