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After graduation from college, I started my own advertising agency which I owned for 25 years. When I sold that, I became a ghostwriter specializing in memoirs and business books. Now, 27 years later, I've ghostwritten 46 books, been an L.A. Times best seller and a Pulitzer Prize nominee for fiction in 2012. I also give workshops to writers and ghostwriters on the business of starting out as a ghost and/or enhancing your current business with unique marketing techniques. I also teach contracts, customer relations etc. My main website is: and my consulting site is: Location: Newport Beach, CA Specialties: Memoirs and life stories, business books. I also write novels and consult with other writers on how to obtain new business, customer relations, contracts, etc. Years of Experience: 27 Magazines: Writers Digest, New York Times Memberships: AOG ASJA, The Writer's Guild Books: Too many to list but my bestseller was, The Golf Gods are Laughing. Some of my ghostwritten books are: MindField, Becoming, Chasing Rubi, Hope Heals, I Hate to Lose, Behind the Smoke Curtain, The Last Bus out of Shanghai, Life: The Manual, Emotionally Charged Learning, Reversal and The Prodigy, and 35 others. How can you can reach Robert:  email: Ph: 949-244-7880 (PST) Web:

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