Laura Fox

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I love a good book! Reading is my favorite way to deeply explore new perspectives and ideas. I'm particularly interested in esoteric topics, spirituality, nature, and healthy living.

How did I become a ghostwriter?

Every time I came across a teacher who inspired me, I used to do a quick search to see whether they'd authored a book yet. If not, I would then bookmark their website or socials and keep circling back, checking in to see whether a book was forthcoming. Meanwhile, I made my living writing resumes for people.

Someone asked me to edit a book she was working on. What she gave me wasn't written up yet, though, it was just a pile of notes. I asked her if she wanted me to write it up, and she said, "Yes, that would be great!"

That was my introduction to ghostwriting. I had so much fun with that project, I looked around for more like it. I reached out to the teachers I'd been following and told them how much I would love it if they authored a book--and that I could help them write it! Several fruitful collaborations ensued.

I've ghostwritten books on chakra healing, twin flames, gut health, mushroom foraging, self-confidence for teens... each new project is like taking an intense course. My favorite authors are coaches, healers, and wise teachers who have powerful stories and a soul-driven message. Many of the books I ghostwrite blur the lines between memoir and self-help.

I love working with creative people, and my process is highly collaborative. If you've read this far and feel like we might be a good match, I would love to hear from you and learn about your book!

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Tonasket, WA USA