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Alicia Dale

A long-time business professional, Alicia Dale turned the page of her career to become a full-time professional writer. She ghostwrites nonfiction and business books for people, companies, and associations. She has an insatiable curiosity and loves to use her gift of writing to help others get their messages to the audiences that need to hear them. Alicia is part of the talented team of writers for Kevin Anderson & Associates, a ghostwriting firm based in New York, Nashville, and Los Angeles. Alicia conquers with KA&A's philosophy -- "the world is waiting for your book." When Alicia is not reading or writing, and we are not under the siege of a pandemic, you will find her exploring, visiting, traveling, or eating an amazing meal with a friend while engaged in deep conversation. Alicia is a member of the Nonfiction Authors Association where she is a reviewer for the Nonfiction Book Awards. Location: Chicago, IL, USA Years of Experience: 20 Specialties: 

  • Health Care Management
  • Health Care Operations
  • Health Care Specialities
  • Business
  • Environment; renewable energies
  • Finance
  • Food | Foodservice
  • Real estate operations, investment, and management




  • Nonfiction Authors Association
  • Association of Publishers for Special Sales
  • Chicago Writers Association
  • Independent Writers of Chicago
  • Chicago Creative Coalition


  • Guide to Health Care Engineering
  • Guide to Personal Injury Law
  • How to Apologize to Your Woman, Karen Field Bolek
  • The Last Night on the Titanic, Unsinkable Drinking, Dining, & Style, Veronica Hinke
  • Chronic Lyme Disease book
  • Leadership Book
  • Identifying Toxic Leaders Book
  • Seizing the Power of Today Book

How to contact Alicia:

Chicago, IL, USA