Jonathan Williams

For me, writing is being. I’ve been writing ever since college, it seems. As an undergrad at BYU, I worked in a writing lab, helping fellow students rescue their term papers. Later, I worked on an off-campus student newspaper, editing and rewriting articles that had been submitted by students who knew their subject well but weren’t writers, and it was then that I realized my love of rewriting and refining others’ words. After graduating with a B.A. in Political Science, I later got a Masters’s in English Literature at the University of Utah. Since then, I’ve worked at a small daily newspaper covering local news as well as for several companies writing proposals, white papers, marketing collateral, you name it. I also worked for over 15 years as a technical writer in the Washington, DC area. I later owned my own small consulting business, so I feel like I understand well the struggles of the small businessperson and entrepreneur. And last, but not least, I also love helping people tell their stories. If you need to put your words to paper and you want a well-written, well-organized book that speaks with your voice, I’m your ghostwriter.

Location: Ogden, Utah

Specialties: Memoirs, Business books, Self-help/sales

Years of Experience: 23

Memberships: Association of Ghostwriters

Books: (To preserve my clients’ privacy, I am unable to give full titles on most books) Memoir of a professional soccer player, Living with DM: My Family’s Story, Book on educational methods, Self-help book, Self-help/sales tips book, Travelogue narrative, Book on compassion fatigue, Book on positive thinking

How you can contact me: Please visit to hear what my clients have to say about me. Or, you can email me at