Art Lizza

Art is a full time freelance ghostwriter, author, conceptual/developmental editor, and publishing industry consultant specializing in nonfiction personal and business memoir and biography, as well as fiction and nonfiction novel. In a word, Art specializes in storytelling. He has ghostwritten or developmentally edited 17 books over the past 8 years, as well as editing articles in art, law, and psychology.

After 30 years in scholarly and academic publishing, Art left “corporate” in pursuit of his true passion for writing, ghostwriting, and conceptual editorial development. As Editorial Production Director for the world’s premier publisher of psychology and the behavioral sciences, he has edited for publication literally hundreds of monographs, textbooks, and journal articles in psychology, education, literacy and curriculum studies, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, communication, and rhetoric; topic areas in which he remains highly conversant. It was a vibrant atmosphere in which there was something new to be learned every single day!

Highly versatile with respect to writing style, Art brings a highly collaborative and compassionate partnership approach to the author-ghostwriter relationship (your story matters!), and has demonstrated a unique capacity for becoming the voice, heart, and soul of the author, in precisely the way an Oscar-winning actor becomes the role. He is the author of Nine Reasons Why You Need a Great Editor for Your Book. You may learn more about Art’s background at his website

Art studied Philosophy at St. Bonaventure University and NYU.

Located In: Newton, New Jersey
Specialties: Nonfiction business and life memoirs, ghosting autobiography – bringing historical nonfiction alive with rich contextual content. “You sing the solo, I’ll provide the orchestra.” Fiction and nonfiction novel – providing a hybrid of conceptual editing and ghostwriting with diabolically imaginative story and character development.
Years of Experience: Editing 30+; ghostwriting 8 years
Memberships: Association of Ghostwriters
Honors: It’s an honor to humbly call myself a writer!
Books Contributed to: Derailed: A memoir; From Rags to Wishes: The naked truth about turning failure into fortune; Branding Yourself After Age 50: Creating brand strategy for your life; Media Planning & Buying in the 21st Century; United Spectrum: The unity and division of man and nature, and Oceana: A love story.
Magazines Contributed to: N/A