Speaker Directory

Name Fees (if any) Geographic area you serve Topics of Specialty
Dixie Maria Carlton Depends on the Job Requirements Global, but travel from Australia
  • Writing and Storytelling for Business
  • Communication and Marketing (through books)
  • Writing and Publishing Options
  • Sex & Sexuality and other 'Taboo' Topics of Interest
Brunella Costagliola TBA Northern States
  • Ghostwriting
  • Being a Published Author
Dana Dobson Negotiable National
  • Building Profitable Presence for Executives & Subject Matter Experts
  • Demystifying the Media: How to Develop, Align and Sustain Lasting Relationships with Media Professionals
  • Write Like Your Paycheck Depends On It: How to Use Writing to Attract More Connections, Clients and Cash
Kate Frank All travel expenses Worldwide
  • How to Change the World with Your Book – If you can’t change the world, why bother?
  • Where to Begin Your Book – HINT – It is not sitting at a keyboard writing a manuscript
  • Who Wants to READ Your Book? – If you don’t know, you will write it wrong
  • The Process of Creating a Profitable Book – 10 Easy Steps
  • Why Marketing Comes BEFORE Writing Your Book – Counterintuitive but true
  • What to Look for in a Ghostwriter – How to know if they will maintain your voice in YOUR book?
  • How to Identify Book Coaches Who Won’t Help Much – Know their motivation
  • Custom Presentations for YOUR Audience – Tell me what you want to know and I will find a way to share my knowledge in a custom designed presentation.
Sherry L. Granader Negotiated per event USA
  • Nutrition, Fitness, Health, Wellness, Anti-Aging
Alice Lesch Kelly    
  • Health
  • Self-Help
  • Diet and Nutrition
Bobbi Linkemer to be determined Missouri
  • Six steps to taking your nonfiction book from planning to promotion, How to build a book proposal, Finding the right literary agent, 10 things you need to know before you start writing your book
Art Lizza negotiable New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
  • Writing, Editing & Publishing
  • Media Technology, Communication & Modern Culture
  • Philosophical Aspects of Human Thought & Knowledge
Rich Mintzer $100 New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and possibly Boston
  • Writing books
  • ghostwriting
  • editing
  • self-publishing
  • blogging
Ed Robertson varies Southern California
  • ghostwriting
  • collaborative writing
  • pop culture
  • trends in television
  • film and television
Gini Graham Scott Depends on location and type of speaking National
  • ghostwriting
  • finding publishers and agents
  • promoting one's books
  • writing books on social trends
  • self-help
  • business
  • memoirs for myself and for clients
Mark Terry Yes. Negotiable. Michigan is where I live
  • Writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Healthcare
  • (I'm primarily a healthcare & biotechnology writer, although I write thriller novels and ghostwrite books)
Melanie Votaw Negotiable Northeast U.S. and beyond
  • Creativity in Business and in Life: How to Court Inspiration
  • Writer Training for the Corporate Mind
  • So You Want to Write a Book - Now What?
  • Creativity and the Erotic: Experiences Outside of Time
Jeff Wuorio negotiable primarily east coast
  • Personal finance
  • small business
  • entrepreneurship