Rick Martinez

Rick Martinez


Hey there, I’m Rick, the go-to guy for entrepreneurs who’ve got a killer story but zero time to tell it.

I’m a ghostwriter and the founder of Ink Your Impact, where we don’t just write books; we craft legacies. You’ll find me dropping knowledge bombs on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and my weekly newsletter.


Because stories change the world, and entrepreneurs are the modern-day heroes who need their stories told. If you’re a high-achiever scaling your business and looking for that unique edge, you’re my kind of people. I get it, you’re swamped but have a story that can set you leagues above the competition. I’ve been in the trenches as a startup CEO and even conquered Ironman races, so I know a thing or two about grit.

Oh, and did I mention one of my own books hit the USA Today ‘Best Seller’ list? Let’s turn your vision into a legacy and give you that unique selling proposition you’ve been searching for.

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