Wolffe, Danielle

Wolffe, Danielle

I am a perceptive ghostwriter with a talent for listening deeply to learn the story behind the story–the spirit which resonates in what is left unsaid, in the white space between the words on the page. Patience and sensitivity are my forte. I will work with you to help you communicate your truth.

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Specialties: Memoirs/autobiographies (especially women’s stories), books about human rights, books about the criminal justice system, books about recovery and addiction, survivor stories, fiction (based on a true story), meditation, art, photo book illustration, book proposals.

Years of Experience: 20

Magazines: The Nation, Outside, The Elephant Journal, The Huffington Post, Alaska, The San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Radio: National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, WNYC’s the Leonard Lopate Show, the Takeaway

Books: Clients books have been published by large and small presses, and self published.

Contact Danielle:  via email dwolffe74@gmail.com or at www.waterstonewriters.com

Brooklyn, NY