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I am a NYT bestselling developmental editor and ghost, with 25+ years working in Big 5 trade publishing.  I specialize in thought leadership, business, politics, sales and memoir.

Recent  titles include Flip the Script by bestselling sales guru and the James Bond of finance Oren Klaff, (Portfolio 2019),  Recovery Hardware,  by independent hardware maven Gina Schaefer, Mellow your Money by wealth manager, Mick Heyman, and Innovation in Translation, How Big Ideas Really Happen, by Dave Ferrera (Forbes) and Luck Comes to Visit it Doesn’t Come to Stay, by the iconic idolmaker and celebrity brand strategist Charles Koppelman.Past titles include Youth Nation, written with trailblazing youth marketer Matt Britton, (Wiley) a #1 Amazon bestseller which was also one of Amazon’s top 5 business books. 

I am a smart, insightful, empathetic and exciting collaborator. I inspire my clients to reach higher, think bigger, drill down deeper, and look at the lessons of their experience with fresh eyes. My process will also teach you how to be a better writer. I know how to maximize the talent of my author, and the commercial potential of a story in ways that get noticed, and attract a loyal following. I am also occasionally funny, a service I provide free of charge. 

Client Testimonials:

Beverly West; You have been a true partner in helping me frame and create this work. Your experience from a completely different angle of culture has given me great perspective as well as great respect for the trade of authorship. It’s been a real honor, you are tremendous. - -Matt Britton, Youth Nation

Bev makes every collaboration so much more fun and more inspiring!- -Adrienne Arieff, The Sacred Thread

Bev is my blood brother. She could write the phone book and I'd hang on every word . - -Oren Klaff, 

Pitch Anything, Flip the Script

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