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I'm a London based Ghostwriter and multiple bestselling author of transformative business and self help books. Your credibility and reputation are at stake when you put your name on a book cover. It’s critical your book be of the highest quality which is why investing with a professional author and ghostwriter is a smart decision. If the hours of your day are already gobbled up with your business and personal life then hiring a professional ghostwriter or co-writer could be the perfect solution for you. You get on with producing revenue and doing what you do best, secure in the knowledge your book is being written by a pro behind the scenes. Whether it’s a quick read 30k-35k word book (the current trend for an effective book for business), designed to position you as an authority on your topic, build your email list and enrol the best clients, or a longer book, I write my client's books from their perspective, to convey their message and/or methodology. As a certified transformative coach I’m trained to draw out your most authentic message. You’ll be in safe hands and can relax into the process no matter how vulnerable you feel about sharing your story and expertise. I'm based in London, UK, and and offer an Author-personalised Content System through Zoom and email.



  • Business
  • Marketing
  • How-to
  • Self-Help
  • Spiritual

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Find out more about my fees and see if we're a good fit here: https://becomeapublishedauthor.co.uk/ghostwriting/

London, UK