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I am not just another journalist or English major; I have real-world know-how and experience behind me. I began my career looking to climb the corporate ladder, working for several multinational companies in operations. However, long hours, stress, and travel kept me from my then-young children and husband. This was not the way I had imagined my work-life would be, without balance and lacking in purpose.

Until the day came when I could no longer keep up the pace and my husband suggested a change in direction. After navigating a medical condition with him, I dipped my toe into the ocean of writing, instantly became eager to dive in, and wrote my first biography about his experiences. I was hooked! I discovered that I was a good writer and had a way of telling other people’s stories. I soon learned that EVERYONE has a story, no matter the circumstances or outcome and that their story was worth sharing.

I no longer desired to pursue the corporate path and needed to make a change. I decided to find what I call a J.O.B. that would afford me the ability to spend more time with my family and the flexibility to dabble with other interests like writing. Working for a small, family-owned business not only gave me the flexibility I sought but also taught me about the precarious world of small business and entrepreneurship.

Fast forward eight years and the world is shaken to its core by the COVID-19 pandemic. I found myself unemployed yet thrilled to be given the push that I needed to make yet another life transition – to that of a business owner, entrepreneur, and full-time writer.

Making a Way Writing Services was born out of my love for bringing words to life and was founded on my previous experiences and education. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with countless authors, clients, business owners, and everyday people, helping them to bring their books, articles, and biographies to fruition. Whether I am editing a manuscript, documenting their life story, or writing a self-help book, I know that I am making a difference. Not everyone has the same gifts and talents, and I consider myself very blessed to use mine to help others put their words on paper.

Reach out for your no-obligation chat about your book project by emailing me at rachel@makingawaywriting.com.

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New Fairfield, CT