Rachael Asikpo

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Rachael doesn't think stories are just words on paper. She understands that each story offers the reader a unique journey and a different perspective.

In her six years of storytelling, Rachael has worked with 60+ clients, both globally (freelance platforms like Upwork), and locally. 

She has honed her skillset to excell in three book categories: Memoirs, Biographies, and Fiction (Science Fiction and Fantasy).

When Rachael isn't sharing helpful content on her website (check link in profile), she is helping others tell their stories.

Being passionate about her craft, she anticipates challenging opportunities, and has often emerged victorious on any developmental editing venture, where she usually functions as a Book Doctor offering two services:

1. Developmental Editing: Improving story structure, dialogue, character development, and narrative eloquence.

2. Ghostwriting: Helping clients finish manuscripts either by writing full manuscripts or portions of the manuscript.

Rachael can't wait to hear about your journey! As one of her recently published clients remarked:

"Rachael approached my story with the finesse only a talented writer would."

Rachael believes she can do same for you.

Other Mentions/Courses/achievements/Roles:

1. Wesleyan University Course, The Craft of Plot.

2. CIEP Member: Copyeditng Course I & II

3. Top Rated Freelancer, Upwork