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If you are looking for an easy way to write your non-fiction/ expert book, then I will be honoured to help you write your book in a way that captures your voice & resonates with your audience.

I started writing professionally in 2008 (I started as a banker) and over the years I have written varied expert content for business leaders, coaches and CXOs.

What does non-fiction/expert writing include?

Want to share your learnings in a specific niche?

Using my 4-stage Ideology Empath process- I have written books on ideas and technical concepts I had no prior knowledge about, like managing bankruptcy, implementing TQM (Total Quality Management) in a service industry, making investments and more.

Business Content:

Are you looking for well-researched and compelling blogs, whitepapers and case studies that connect to your target audience?

A trained copywriter from AWAI (American Writers & Artists Institute), I have written for varied industries—estate planning, insurance, equity research, learning & development and more. I am always ready to add another one to this growing list.

My Writing Process

When I ghostwrite books my aim is to understand my author’s ideas from their perspective and write for their specific audience.

My process (I call it, The Ideology Empath Process) includes steps like ideology elicitation, jargon translation, framework solidification and story weaving.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do any of those things…

All you need to do is share your stories and of course, review the documents.

Everything else is done for you!

Let’s Get Started…

The first step-

A FREE, no-obligation Zoom call where we e-meet and you tell me about your book idea.

Once we decide on working together, we will define milestones. As I write and you review at each milestone, we will craft a book that speaks in your voice to your readers.


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Mumbai, India

Phone Number
Mumbai, India