Meares, Charlotte

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Charlotte Meares found her calling at age eight when a teacher labeled her a born writer, then misplaced it upon motherhood. As a journalist, she reported facts vs. fake news. At thirty-eight, she shredded the dystopian novel she wrote when she was still wide-eyed. After stints in marketing and financial planning, she rediscovered her gusto ghostwriting for the time-deprived and collaborating with authors whose flow hit a log jam. Her addiction to words that inspire, empower, enlighten, and entertain is eclipsed only by her passion for precipitous canyons and the magic of tide pools. Meares, aka Lisette Moss, blossoms in the desert Southwest with her long-time photographer partner and their two agile Aussies.

Seriously, for three plus decades, Charlotte has woven writing and editing projects around various professional roles, eventually taking the roundabout back to her passion. Whether publishing her own book or collaborating with other authors to make their dreams reality, she plunges into and brings to a project her considerable direct experience with a range of subject matter. From her earliest books, she’s demonstrated her ability to research and organize copious material, cut to the chase to discover and illuminate core ideas, and present those concepts in a fresh and highly readable manner. She listens for and is sensitive to an author’s voice and style, and skillfully amplifies and empowers that voice to deliver compelling messages of value. She tackles challenges with esprit. Maybe most of all, she enjoys forays into the forest of storytelling as much as her clients.

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(505) 920-5940
Tucson, AZ