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Laura Elliott

As a teenager, my love for story began in the Amazon where I waterskied with piranha while learning about head hunters and curses. My first travel article about a visit to Dracula’s Bran Castle in Romania was published in The Los Angeles Times. My ghostwriting skills grew as I interviewed and reported on CEOs, celebrities, and style makers for World Travel Magazine, LA Parent, Jetsetter Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, and E! Entertainment Television. Location: Santa Cruz, CA Specialties: memoir, biography, business, self-help, global thought leaders, fiction, as well as screenplays. Years of Experience: 8 Magazines: LA Parent, World Travel Magazine Newspapers: The Los Angeles Times Networks: E! Entertainment Television Memberships: International Screenwriters Association, Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Books & Screenplays: a true survival action-adventure feature about a man who nearly perished while snowboarding; a historical feature about The Farhud; a feature about a non-binary teen and his family’s journey of acceptance; a feature about a man who overcomes a life of crime to advise his state on prison reform; a historical band biopic about the most famous rock band in the Middle East; a female entrepreneur’s story of empowerment after abuse; a humorous and insightful story about a therapist’s global quest for happiness; a novel with a new twist about how to live for the moment; an inspirational cancer survival story, released in the English and Arabic languages; a fictional story of corporate intrigue set in the Middle East featuring the experiences of six women during the outbreak of the pandemic; an American woman’s quest to go all in on her lifelong dream of establishing a luxury sustainable import-export textile business in Africa where she discovers herself and must overcome her fears as the pandemic explodes; a scientist’s relatable, heartfelt story about the science behind happiness with a plan to retrain readers’ brains for better health, abundance, and happiness; a timely, gritty memoir about a Muslim man’s American immigrant experience; a book about blockchain and cryptocurrency from a minority female entrepreneur in the healthcare space; a memoir of the unlikely story of a doctor who becomes a highly successful sports and adventure photographer; an inspiring story about leadership skills from a woman who suffered the loss of 28 members of her friends and family in the 2011 tsunami in Japan; a book about lead generation; a book about how to lead and have a life; a book of fables illustrating the lessons learned on a mother’s journey to joy after her son’s suicide; a ghost story series based on a true story; and, a true-crime, star-crossed love story.  How can you reach Laura:









Santa Cruz, CA