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Share Your Brilliance with Those Who Matter Most

Since you’re here looking for a writer, you probably have ideas, expertise, data or stories that you want to share. Get them out of your head, and give them life beyond your scribbles, docs and spreadsheets. I can help distill your brilliance down to its essence, so you can share the real you with those who matter most.  

Business, science, technology or policy

Since 1996, I’ve been ghostwriting for experts across a range of industries: public policy, urban resilience, transportation, healthcare, energy, leadership development, and more.

Expertise in sustainability

With a Harvard master’s in sustainability and environmental management, I’m especially drawn to subjects related to making cities livable and neighborhoods walkable.

Knack for story-puzzling

I specialize in taking something complex and making it clear and compelling, whether piecing together 100+ hours of interview transcripts, or turning my city’s municipal code into haiku for fun.

Accepting projects for

  • Books
  • Reports
  • Research proposals
  • Thought leadership content

Eager to brainstorm unique ways to share your expertise

Some people need traditional thought leadership pieces like articles or presentations. I’ve also used creative storytelling tools, like ArcGIS StoryMaps, or even designed my own tools to find fun ways to share what you know.

Favorite recent projects

  • Academic book (traditionally published) for two co-authors (a university president and a university faculty member), combining their multiple years of experience with their recent research into a book that takes a new approach to the challenges of professional relationships.
  • Business leadership book (self-published by best-selling author) focused on the value of individuality. I also adapted the book content into a full online training curriculum, and created an assessment tool so people can see if they’re suppressing individuality in the way they lead people.
  • Communications strategy for a Los Angeles-based public policy think tank, to change the way they communicate with their audiences of policymakers, civic leaders and residents. Analyzed raw research data about bus service in LA and turned it into a compelling report using ArcGIS StoryMaps. Translated in-depth reports into easily digestible formats, broadening the reach and impact of their research and analysis.


Creating content that authentically represents you:

“Kim is the most talented writer I’ve ever worked with in my career. Her unique ability to capture my thoughts and intentions, then translate them into highly compelling content is masterful. Kim invests time in understanding who you are as an individual, ensuring that the content she produces authentically represents your values and core beliefs. Having collaborated for nearly a decade, I can confidently say that no project is too complex for Kim; she approaches each challenge with enthusiasm and excellence."

—Glenn Llopis, entrepreneur and founder of business strategy consulting firm GLLG

Elevating your messaging to a new level:

"When I met Kim, it was like hitting the jackpot. I was struggling to convey our big ideas and dense research into compelling messages for our public policy advocacy regarding Los Angeles’ streets and sidewalks. Kim's expertise has been transformative. Over the past two years, she's consistently elevated our work with her insightful thoughts, meticulous edits, and impactful rewrites. Beyond her role as a powerful communications strategist, Kim is a compassionate and supportive collaborator, guiding us through every step of the process. Working with her has been an incredible gift."

—Jessica Meaney, executive director of Investing in Place

Designing and conducting original research:

“A superb thesis, with an impressive combination of GIS modeling, ground-trotting fieldwork and statistical analysis!”

—Dr. Mark Leighton, Harvard University, director of sustainability program

Translating complexity – I won a prize from Harvard for the quality of my research and for:

“Writing skill that makes all sections of the thesis interesting and easily understandable; complex GIS and 3D modeling concepts are elucidated in terms anyone can digest.”

—Jeff Blossom, Harvard University Center for Geographic Analysis

How to get started

Send me a note and we’ll talk. If it seems like a good fit for both of us, I’ll prepare a customized quote.


StoryMap: for a more detailed narrative of my own journey, go here

Pasadena, California