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Jeni Fred

In 2009 like a million other people, Jeni, a government paralegal with a plan to finish law school, fell in love with Twilight. She realized she loved working with words too much to do anything else. She is a hybrid author and has published with Harlequin Escape and Limitless Publishing. She finds joy in bringing other people's stories to life and helping entrepreneurs market via fiction—ask her how! In addition to this she is certified to teach English, Social Studies/History, Special Education, and English as a Second Language and available to help with instructional writing. Whether you need a romance, dystopia, business parable, engaging newsletter content, or instructional design, Jeni Fred can customize services to fit your needs.

Location: Round Rock, TX

Years of Experience: 10

How you contact Jeni:

Via email


  • Romance
  • Business Parables
  • Online Biographies
  • Instructional Writing


  • The Other Marlowe Girl Amazon 2013
  • A Missing Peace Harlequin Escape 2013
  • His First Lady Limitless Publishing 2019
Round Rock, TX