Dranow, Ralph

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Whether your book is a memoir, fiction, or nonfiction, there is usually a story, and I've always been fascinated by people's stories. In helping you tell your story, I will listen to you empathetically, maintain your voice, and collaborate with you in finding the poetry, beauty, and power of your story. The books I've ghostwritten are inspiring stories that I was happy to help their authors bring into the world, because inspiring, heartfelt writing (without ignoring the darkness) helps lift people's spirits in these challenging times, an antidote to all the suffering in the world. Memoirs, including stories dealing with social justice, are my special (though not exclusive) interest as a ghostwriter. Writing a memoir is a courageous and vulnerable journey, and I will honor yours so that you feel well seen. I am also an editor, both copy and developmental, and have helped the authors I've worked with make their writing more flowing, compelling, and publishable. Some were thrilled to be publishing their first book and sharing their powerful stories with others. My own writing- widely published articles, poetry, and stories - seeks to capture the poetry and beauty of everyday life, without ignoring the darkness, to lift my own and my readers' spirits and tap into something essential.

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Oakland, CA