Tim Cooke

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I'm an Oxford-educated elite business and memoir ghostwriter with some 15 published ghostwritten books and another 15 or so in the works, on top of a 30-year career as a writer and editor in children's and adults' nonfiction. I've worked with high-profile, high-value authors and offer a full ghostwriting service based on phone interviews, with international travel for face-to-face meetings where appropriate. I’m equally at home with practical business and memoir, and have written on subjects ranging from management and thought leadership to culture change, technological development, contemporary history and personal finance. I’m an excellent writer with the experience and confidence to earn authors' trust and I’m highly perceptive at helping them unlock the knowledge they possess and express it more effectively than they imagined was possible. I can supply testimonials from satisfied authors to attest to the effectiveness of the process. Outside my ghostwriting, I’m a writer and editor with more than 300 books listed in the US Library of Congress under my own name and various pseudonyms. I’ve written on a wide range of subjects, in particular world and US history and STEM.

Phone Number
+44 7711 704370