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Hi authors!

Are you looking for a big finance, business, leadership or entrepreneurship dork? That's me!

I've been writing business books for about 15 years, and was a staff business journalist for 12 years. Most recently, I've had two of my authors' books become Amazon bestsellers–check out Retirement Money Secrets and Twelve Skills: The guide to becoming a stronger leader and accelerating your career on Amazon for examples of my work.

My extensive reporting experience for Entrepreneur and Forbes inform my business book writing. I have two traditional print titles, one ghostwritten (How They Started: How 30 Good Ideas Became Great Businesses) and one bylined (The Pocket Small Business Owner's Guide to Starting Your Business on a Shoestring). I also wrote a 100-page bylined ebook for a Shopify company, Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs.

My secret sauce? I've been an entrepreneur myself–I built and sold an online platform that helps freelance writers earn more, Freelance Writers Den (founded 2012). So I get the stresses of making payroll and fixing planes while flying them. I wrote more than a dozen ebooks as lead-generation pieces that helped build that business–so I also do some book-marketing consulting on what works and doesn't. Since selling my biz in '20, I've ghostwritten 10 titles.

Thinking of a memoir (or one that also unpacks business lessons)? I just ghostwrote my first one, loved it, and can't wait to do more.

Curious how the ghostwriter-author relationship works? Grab a free copy of my ebook How to Hire a Book Ghostwriter.

Then, if you'd like to hop on a Zoom and see if we're a fit to work together, email me at and let's set up a time.

May your book become a reality and change the world for the better --


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