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Michele Matrisciani
New York
United States
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Topics of Specialty
  • The business of book publishing as a whole, how it works, insider acquisitions information, should you self-pub or give traditional a go, no-advance publishing models;
  • full-length books, best practices, finding literary agents, pitch letters, outlines, proposal writing, setting fees, navigating the business end on your own, time management, dealing with criticism, firing clients, accepting certain jobs, knowing when a prospect is a good logistical move for you as a writer, how to hire the right ghost writer, topic viability, handling work load, dealing with dry seasons, what I learned from getting burned, anything to do with nonfiction concepts to final book
Target audiences or industries (e.g. medical or legal)
  • targeted to professionals (including doctors, business people, musicians, therapists, trainers, fitness instructors, etc.) or memoirists
  • who want to write a full-length book and have it traditionally published.
Speaking experience (names/types of groups and size of audience)
various small writers' conferences
Geographic area you serve
Metro New York (sometimes South Florida)