Speaker Directory

Name Fees (if any) Geographic area you serve Topics of Specialty
Allyson Machate Expenses covered including travel and overnight accomodations if appropriate. Anywhere
  • How to Boost Your Business with a Book
  • Your Author Platform: Why Background Matters, and How to Get the Right One
  • Successful Self-Publishing: 5 Steps to a Plan That's Right for You and Your Book
  • How to Write a Winning Book Proposal
Loretta Paraguassu Fees would depend on the group and what is required. For a nonprofit with limited means, most likely there would not be a fee. Local would be the Atlanta metropolitan area. If transportation costs are covered, that could certainly be wider.
  • What it takes to get a book written and published.
  • How valuable it is to your publsihing goals to have a film script to present + the manuscript for a book. Publishers have a lot more interest in something that shows additional audience potential.
  • The difference between an editor and a ghostwriter. What do you really need to get your book done?
  • Self publishing vs. a conventional publisher.
Michele Matrisciani   Metro New York (sometimes South Florida)
  • The business of book publishing as a whole, how it works, insider acquisitions information, should you self-pub or give traditional a go, no-advance publishing models;
  • full-length books, best practices, finding literary agents, pitch letters, outlines, proposal writing, setting fees, navigating the business end on your own, time management, dealing with criticism, firing clients, accepting certain jobs, knowing when a prospect is a good logistical move for you as a writer, how to hire the right ghost writer, topic viability, handling work load, dealing with dry seasons, what I learned from getting burned, anything to do with nonfiction concepts to final book
Mark Terry Yes. Negotiable. Michigan is where I live
  • Writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Healthcare
  • (I'm primarily a healthcare & biotechnology writer, although I write thriller novels and ghostwrite books)
Bobbi Linkemer to be determined Missouri
  • Six steps to taking your nonfiction book from planning to promotion, How to build a book proposal, Finding the right literary agent, 10 things you need to know before you start writing your book
Gini Graham Scott Depends on location and type of speaking National
  • ghostwriting
  • finding publishers and agents
  • promoting one's books
  • writing books on social trends
  • self-help
  • business
  • memoirs for myself and for clients
Dana Dobson Negotiable National
  • Building Profitable Presence for Executives & Subject Matter Experts
  • Demystifying the Media: How to Develop, Align and Sustain Lasting Relationships with Media Professionals
  • Write Like Your Paycheck Depends On It: How to Use Writing to Attract More Connections, Clients and Cash
Rich Mintzer $100 New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and possibly Boston
  • Writing books
  • ghostwriting
  • editing
  • self-publishing
  • blogging
Art Lizza negotiable New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
  • Writing, Editing & Publishing
  • Media Technology, Communication & Modern Culture
  • Philosophical Aspects of Human Thought & Knowledge
Melanie Votaw Negotiable Northeast U.S. and beyond
  • Creativity in Business and in Life: How to Court Inspiration
  • Writer Training for the Corporate Mind
  • So You Want to Write a Book - Now What?
  • Creativity and the Erotic: Experiences Outside of Time
Marian Calabro To be discussed Northern NJ and NYC metro area
  • Anniversary books
  • Corporate histories
  • Creative writing
  • Self-publishing
  • Public speaking
Brunella Costagliola TBA Northern States
  • Ghostwriting
  • Being a Published Author
Jeff Wuorio negotiable primarily east coast
  • Personal finance
  • small business
  • entrepreneurship
Lindsay Woolman Negotiable Rocky Mountain region and Southern California (San Diego especially)
  • Self-publishing
  • Marketing your business with a book
  • Kindle ebook publishing
  • Health/self-help writing for lay people
  • Writing for teens and children
  • Freelance writing industry
Nancy Hendrickson Negotiable San Diego County
  • writing non-fiction, overcoming writer's block, structuring a non-fiction book
Ed Robertson varies Southern California
  • ghostwriting
  • collaborative writing
  • pop culture
  • trends in television
  • film and television
Francine Brevetti $300 the San Francisco Bay Area
  • how to write your life story
  • how to write the book about your business.
Dennis Briskin Varies with audience, client, and setting. See rate list for National Speakers Association U.S. wherever client pays travel expenses
  • Ghostwriting
  • Writing/Language
  • Effective Advertising
  • Memory Improvement
Marilyn Pincus Always a fee but negotiable. Willing to trave. Client pays for flight, lodging, meals.
  • A Day In The Life Of A Ghostwriter
Alice Lesch Kelly    
  • Health
  • Self-Help
  • Diet and Nutrition