Tim Morrison


At Write Choice Services, we help people write the book(s) they have always wanted to write. Sometimes that means we engage in editing and coaching as the client writes. Occasionally we ghost write the book. Most of our work exists between the two extremes: we don’t ghost write everything but we are far more involved than editing and providing advice.

All of our clients are business leaders, entrepreneurs or professionals. Our portfolio of topics includes self help books, coaching, IT insights, legal concerns, alternative medicine, allopathic medicine, networking, business success and more. Additionally, for two years Write Choice Services sponsored Write Here, Write Now one of 50+ shows on Business Radio X/Atlanta internet radio. The tag line for Write Here, Write Now is “We interview business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals about their work and the various kinds of writing involved in their work. Over the two year life of the show (it is currently on hiatus), we interviewed well over 100 business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals and generated one book out of the interviews with a second book in process.


Tim Morrison
President and Writing Coach
Write Choice Services, Inc.
Host of Write Here, Write Now

Author of – Writing Secrets: Essential Steps to Discover How to Start