Sandra Rea

A writer for more than 25 years, Sandra owns and operates her ghostwriting activities under Master Marketing & PR, a company that has gained recognition in Orange County, Calif., since 2000 for providing cost-effective solutions to small-and medium-sized businesses. Most recently, Sandra opened Orange County Business Builders to further her ability to help businesses in the OC. She will hold special workshops and networking events, as well as writing workshops for interested entrepreneurs and business owners who understand that a book can be used to further their marketing objectives.

Located In: Orange County, CA
Specialties: Ghostwriting (business, leadership, coaching, entrepreneurial topics, memoir and true crime), Copywriting (from the real world to the web and all things in between), Director (directing websites and social media as well as full campaigns), PR (getting press coverages is not brain surgery; it takes certain skills)
Years of Experience: 25+
Memberships: Orange County Business Builders, Le Tip, National Writers Association
Honors: Numerous in-house awards while at Practice Builders (providing marketing to any practice-owning professional)
Books Contributed to: No One Could Tell (finishing now; late fall release for Nazy Curtis of Newport Hair Loss Center), No One Talks About Lighting the Elephant in the Room (for Craig Burns of Burnie’s Grip & Lighting), Babies on Board (under my married name Sandra McGinty and McGinty Publishing), And Then My Lawyer Died… (written under pen name Alexandria Rae), Surviving 2012: Your Down n Dirty Field Guide (co-wrote with Robert Curtis), Health Is Wealth (forthcoming second book in series), Love & Illusion (contributor and first editor), E-Wave Boss (business-development program with books), Final editor on several books across business topics.
Magazines Contributed to: Pet Product News, Veterinary Product News, Cat Fancy, Fitness, Examiner, OC Metro, Woman OC, Various online publications