Ralph Dranow

I live in Oakland, California and am a widely published memoir writer, journalist, poet, and fiction writer. My ghostwriting and editing business is called Ring of Truth Writing and Editing (essentialwriting.com/ringoftruthwritingandediting.htm).

I enjoy helping my clients perfect their writing and have edited memoirs, mainstream novels, mysteries, poetry, and various works of nonfiction. My one ghostwritten book so far is Beyond and Back, a memoir about a man’s life-threatening illness and his wife’s love for him and commitment to him during this difficult time. It was a heartwarming experience helping my client tell her moving story, which honored both her and her husband. I have also ghostwritten letters and website text.

I relish the challenge of ghostwriting: to write a compelling book while maintaining the client’s own, unique voice. I can ghostwrite website text, how-to and informational books, but my specialty is ghostwriting memoirs. I am a good, empathetic listener and skilled interviewer and love to hear people’s stories, especially inspirational ones dealing with adversity, and in the process learning to become more authentic. Each of us is a precious being with a unique, powerful story to tell. There’s poetry and beauty in the life of each one of us if we take the time to look for it. I look forward to helping you mine this treasure in the memoir writing process so that the beauty and poetry of your life shine through.

I offer a free 45 minute phone consultation to discuss your writing project.

I’ve found through writing my own memoir that it’s a great vehicle for self-discovery, when I am able to dig beneath the factual surface to mine the deeper emotional truth of my life, what I really felt, uncomfortable as this sometimes might be to look at. Also, working on a memoir is a good way to heal painful memories by bringing in one’s current level of insight and compassion to hold these experiences in a new, kinder way. So, writing your memoir or autobiography, with the assistance of an editor or ghostwriter, can help you discover the purpose and meaning of your life.

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